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About Artwork

Home Deco Fine Art Photo Framing

Museum Graded

All our artwork has been created with archival (acid-free) supply and material to offer museum standard quality to meet galleries and collector’s longevity requirements. The fine art paper that we use have passed through five WIR (Wilhelm Imaging Research) for print permanence tests to present you a complete confidence that will last for generations when taken with proper cares.  To ensure a lifetime enjoyment of your artwork, we also provide and educate our customer with various method of handling, storing and protecting their artwork.


Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate Of Authenticity

All artwork comes with an elegant certificate of authenticity as a proof of the originality work created by the artist. The certificate will be attached at the back of the artwork and personally hand signed by the artist. The content of the certificate includes,

  1. Title/ name of the photograph
  2. Location where the photograph was taken
  3. Technical information about the artwork
  4. Our online gallery website and contact information
  5. For Limited Edition, the edition number will be stated


Artist Hand Signature

Artist Signature

The artist will personally hand signed each photograph at the bottom right corner for every artwork that you’ve invested.  This is to declare that the artist himself has overseen and inspected the artwork to guarantee that the quality is kept to genuine museum standard. Archival pen (acid-free) will be used for aluminum mounting to protect the photograph and pencil for white mat-board framing.

Multiple Order Discount

A special offer of 25% discount is available when you made an order of up to 3 artworks and above. Kindly let us know and we will provide you a password in which you can apply during the ordering process through our online gallery. Contact us at paulchongphotography@gmail.com

Customized Artwork

Personalize Frame

Your artwork can be personalized to fit the style and approach that you wanted. We offer various sizes, mat board color, frame and mounting to choose from. Such as classical wooden frame with glass, floating frame (american box), aluminum mounting, spacer frame (shadow box frame), canvas print and etc. Your artwork can be personalized to suit the style of your home and office environment. For more info and inquiries, please contact us at paulchongphotography@gmail.com


Payment, Packaging and Shipping

Payment can be made through paypal and credit card via online paypal account. We guarantee that your personal information will be kept secure with us (see our privacy policy). Your artwork will be processed immediately once we received your orders and payment is made.

The artwork you ordered will be covered with protective wrappings and bubble wraps to wooden crate. We deliver and shipped globally with a fast and safe arrival of your artwork from common couriers to big container.

Payment Logo


Summary Of The Package You Received

Home Photo Decoration

When you made an order today, you received not just our beautiful artwork, but also a complete package that includes;

  1. Your selection Photograph (framed or unframed)
  2. Certificate of Authenticity (attached to each artwork)
  3. Copy of Biography and Artist Statement
  4. Our 14 Unique Warranties
  5. How to Protect Your Artwork Instructions

You can make the order today by visit our online gallery at www.paulchong.photoshelter.com to choose your favourite photograph.


About My Unique Warranties

1.     100% Money back guarantee

Each single artwork that you invested is covered with our 1 full year to decide, 100% money back guarantee from the day you make the order. If for any reason that you are not satisfied, you can return it to me for a refund or exchange. See below for more information about our policy and condition if you wish to return the artwork.

2.     Lifetime fade-free warranty

All artwork comes with a lifetime fade-free warranty that can last for generations of enjoyment. We use archival digital fine art photo paper that exceed ISO 9706 museum grade standard to meet galleries and museum’s longevity requirement and have passed through 5 print permanence tests by Wihelm Imaging Research, WIR. If however the color of the photograph changes or fade overtime, let me know and I will change a new one for you without any cost.

3.     Assurance of safe arrival and delivery

Your artwork will be properly wrapped and protected during delivery to avoid any damage. For matted artwork only, the photograph will be placed in between two hardboards at both front and back. As for framed photograph, it will place and protected in a wooden crate to avoid breaking, scratch, knock and shock if fall. However if your artwork arrived damaged or broken, I shall replace a new one for you at no cost.

Special features about your artwork

  1. The artwork that you ordered will be carefully created and inspected by myself with hand signed.
  2. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity while limited editions are numbered.
  3. I can personalize your photograph to make it uniquely yours with our various mat board color, frames and paper to choose from. This allows you to have your own distinct artwork compare from the rest.
  4. My assurance that the creation of each artwork is the result of my personal inspiration and interpretation of my artistic vision from the nature world. What you received is a photograph that represents my imaginative world rather than the exact copy of a real world.
  5. The value of your investment and artwork will continue to increase from time to time.
  6. Your artwork has been produced with our finest museum graded equipment, paper and process. The quality of each print and production is equivalent for a gallery-ready exhibit purposes.

Order today and received your special warranties through our store here.


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