Photo Folio Collection

Welcome, and what is a “Photo Folio”?

A Photo Folio is a combination and hybrid between a photo book and portfolio. A photo book has text and title written in it with the images while a portfolio is the sample of real artwork in itself. A photo book is usually heavy and comes with many pages. However, a folio possesses both elements where it looks like a book on one part, yet it comprises of the real photograph artworks that you can actually hold it in your hand and feel the real art photos. It is unique in a way that not many actually produce it.

Special Features:

  1. A collectible series of  beautiful photographs presented to share with you my personal vision in art.
  2. To tell a story base on the project that I have developed.
  3. Original work of art, handmade, number and signed.
  4. Limited and made to order. You can personalise the folio with a dedication page.
  5. Standard folio size 8 x 10.5 Inch.
  6. Each folio consist of 8 – 15 photographs.
  7. Pricing from 150$ – 180$ per folio.
  8. Free worldwide international shipping.

1. Silver Snow, Inner Mongolia – 150$

 (See moreplace an orderE-Folio Free Download

Silver Snow - Photo Folio


2. Calton Hill, Scotland – 150$

 (See moreplace an orderE-Folio Free Download

Calton Hill Folio


3. Journey In The Woods – Autumn Light, China – 180$

 (See more / place an orderE-Folio Free Download

Photography Fine Art Collection


 4. Secret Garden, South Korea – 180$

      (see more / place an orderE-Folio Free Download

Secret Garden Folio Collection


5. The Painted Sky I, Malaysia – 180$

     (See more / place an order) E-Folio Free Download

The Painted Sky Photo Folio Collection


 5. The Painted Sky II, Thailand – 180$ – Coming Soon

 (See more / place an order) E-Folio Free Download

The Painted Sky II


6. Living Water, Malaysia – 180$     

    (see more / place an order) E-Folio Free Download


7. Dover In Minimalism, UK – 180$

     (see more / place an order) E-Folio Free Download


How we protect and guarantee your investment?

Your investment is also covered and protected with our 5 unique warranties to assure you of your satisfaction.

  1. 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason that you are not satisfied, you can simply return it for a refund or exchange within 3 months after the order. No question ask.
  2. Assurance of safe arrival and delivery. Your folio will be properly wrapped and protected during delivery to avoid any damage. However if your folio arrived damaged or broken, I shall replace a new one for you at no cost.
  3. The folio that you received has been carefully created and produced by myself and hand signed as the ‘artist proof’ of work. I will personally check and inspect the folio before shipping.
  4. You will also receive my contact number and email address. You can contact me when you have a question regarding to the folio or to make an order. I will be more than happy to help and to assist you in a timely manner.
  5. I assure you that the creation of the folio is the result of my personal inspiration and interpretation of my artistic vision from the nature world. What you received is a folio that represents my personal style in art. 

My deepest hope is to share with you this wonderful folio and hopes that you will enjoy this beautiful work of art when you received it at hand.

Kind Regards,
Paul Chong


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4 thoughts on “Folio

  1. Hi Paul
    Beautiful pictures and the folio collections look great.
    I’m relatively new to Shanghai from the UK and I am looking for a good online printing service in Shanghai to print something similar to those sets of prints shown in your collection. Would you be able to recommend a good service or do you print these yourself?
    Again, wonderful pictures and I’ll certainly be recommending the site to friends.
    Best wishes

    1. Dear Richard, greetings and thank you for your kind comments. I usually print at Shanghai Artscape (, they produce great quality print for museum and gallery. Even for National Geography Exhibition in Shanghai few months ago. You may check it out. I am not sure if their website offer online printing, but you can contact them directly to ask them for printing. If you need more information, feel free to send me an email. (

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