Celebrating the joy and beauty of life through pictures!


Paul Chong

Original from Malaysia and I start to photograph since 2001

Art, is something that is written me since the early day of my childhood. Following the footstep of my father, whom I always admire every time when I Iook at his chinese painting. I started with watercolor painting; crayon, woodcarving and sketches back then with a lot of inspiration from the nature landscape. In year 2000, I enrolled in University Technology of Malaysia to pursue my creative patience in landscape design. It was there that when I first bought myself a Rollei compact film camera for one of the photography class that I was attending. Ever since then, I always have my camera at hand whenever I needed for my project shoot and I enjoy doing it.

My passion for photography, 2004

I started to take photography more seriously when I first moved to Shanghai, China in year 2004. Throughout my stay in China, I have been travelling and backpacking across various part of the land to explore the beauty of the nature. It is also at this point; I started gather countless photos that I have taken as part of my fine art collection and portfolio. My passion in photography continues to grow even till now as I continue to share the vision and inspiration I had.

I create photograph to express the wonder of nature

“Finding Art In Nature” I believe the outdoor landscape is full of beauty that awaits our attention and appreciation. The Creator Himself has given us this precious land for us to relate, and enjoy. I create photograph not just for the sake of taking photos, but it is foremost an expression to capture the feeling of the wide spaces and the atmosphere.

“The mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing before you, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.”  Isaiah 55:12

“Outdoor” My source of inspiration

“Being born and growing up by the countryside, nature have always been a source of life and inspiration throughout my life. The incredible beauty of the land that teems with abundance life, glory and splendor is like home to me. There’s a saying “when a man comes to the mountains, he comes home”. After all, nature is like our home garden and we are there supposedly to protect and to cultivate them. My hope is that, through my fine art photograph, they can be an inspiration for many to cherish the beauty around us, and to bring awareness about the land we are living in wherever we are. In the place we all call… HOME.

Paul Chong


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