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Paul Chong

Creating Fine Art Photograph is not just the only approach in which I have used to express my creativity and inspiration, even though it may be one of the major essential methods that I’ve equipped with. However, often I like to integrate my artwork with article, story and poetry to enhance the value and meaning when creating each work. And I’ll need to have a place where I can express most of my thought and reflection in writing. To do so, I have created this “online journal” website, just dedicated for that purpose. This could allow me to share my experiences in creating art work within an informal and personal atmosphere.

As you navigate through my online journal, you will see various categories which I have allocated for different contents and subjects. On one section I have designated a place for ‘My Artist Profile” in which you will find most of my biography, artist statement, artistic positioning and photos are located. When you wanted to discover more about myself and the things that I enjoy doing. Another section that I have set aside is my “artwork and products”. Which covers the list of product that I offer, pricing and my unique warranty. Under the third section of my journal, I have designated this place for some of my latest articles, projects, thought and idea that I have written.

I constantly write new article about various topic regarding to photography, which may vary from technique, travelogue, idea and things that are happening around. The goal of this site is to provide an “educational platform” or “social network” where visitor can come to share, comment and be a part of the interaction. Right at the bottom of each page, there will be a corner where visitor can write and voice their opinion. In addition, you may also choose to sign up via email to follow my upcoming news and updates. Occasionally, this site allows me to provide current updating on the latest event such as exhibition, art show, promotion and new artwork which you can easily follow and be aware of.

To discover more about my writing and other feature, you can visit the front page at www.paulchongphotography.com

Have a nice visit,

Paul Chong


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