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Art, is something that is written me since the early day of my childhood. Following the footstep of my father, whom I always admire every time when I Iook at his chinese painting. I started with watercolor painting; crayon, woodcarving and sketches back then with a lot of inspiration from the nature landscape. In year 2000, I enrolled in University Technology of Malaysia to pursue my creative patience in landscape design. It was there that when I first bought myself a Rollei compact film camera for one of the photography class that I was attending. Ever since then, I always have my camera at hand whenever I needed for my project shoot and I enjoy doing it.

I started to take photography more seriously when I first moved to Shanghai, China in year 2004. Throughout my stay in China, I have been travelling and backpacking across various part of the land to explore the beauty of the nature. It is also at this point; I started gather countless photos that I have taken as part of my fine art collection and portfolio. My passion in photography continues to grow even till now as I continue to share the vision and inspiration I had.

Artistic Approach

A work of Art, can comes from a variety of form. It can be painting, sculpture, music, carving and in many other ways that serves the purpose in expressing an artist’s aspiration. For me personally, I have chosen photography as a medium through which I can express my thought and appreciation that inspires me throughout my life. I create fine art photograph of the nature world and the ever-changing breathtaking landscape that surrounds us all the time. Even though I enjoy painting, creating music and design, photography has been a medium in which I can easily access to from my bag pack when I am out by the countryside or in the wood. It allows me to capture the “Moment” that I’ve envisioned with my camera before taking back for post processing to get the final result that I desire.

A camera is a tool in which I use to create my photograph, just like a painter with a paintbrush. However, a photo taken without an artistic aspect or vision will only capture photo as it see as – fact, document and projection of the real world. It is not able to create photograph of an emotional level with feeling, mood and ambiance like we have. Therefore, this becomes a challenge for us as an artist, to convey these emotional elements into our photography. Throughout my photography experience, I have personally carved out an approach or identity, which can also be referred to as “My Personal Style” in creating the art and creative vision that I see. It is the quality and style that I enjoy and love to create, which often relates to my personal taste and lifestyle.

In the course of creating fine art photograph, for me, the process can be divided into a few stages before achieving the final result that I am fully satisfied. These are very important qualities especially in the world of art. Otherwise, without them, it can only be defined as “photography” and not “fine art photography”. Therefore, the goal of what I am achieving here is to create artistic/ art photography according to my vision, not just taking a great picture! To further explore on that, I have listed below some of the factors that I carry along with me while creating these art.

1.     To bring expressive feeling into the photograph

For a photograph to become alive, I often would relate the feeling that I have during the process of creating each artwork. These feeling are then being projected onto the photograph by first showing the general impression of mood, ambience and atmosphere of the scene. Such as; feeling of joy, happiness and delight, which can be seen when the morning sunlight illuminates over the golden autumn woodland. Another example would be; the feeling of calmness and serenity along the peaceful lakeside. Or a sense of freedom and grandeur by standing on the mountain peak.

2.     To carefully choose the right color template

Vision, is an aesthetic value that we can see and appreciate when the image captured our attention. One of the most prominent aspects when we judge a photograph is the overall color template, saturation and contrast. Having said that, the choices of color often reflect and communicate the kind of mood that we perceive. Such as; a mixture of blue and fresh green color often represent a cooling waterfall scenario. Another example would be, a bright yellow and golden color may signify a warm sunny autumn landscape.

3.     To be part of the nature

When a musician or songwriter is being placed in a room and asked to produce a song immediately, he or she would often find it constrained or difficult to be productive. However, you would often finds that their inspiration usually comes naturally when they are free to express when their emotional state are at its height. I find this to be a very powerful tool when I am creating the artwork. One way to not rush into creating photograph is to allow myself to immerse into the nature world. To do that, I would usually preferably to stay or camp in order to get familiarized within the surrounding landscape that I’m in. This often gives me ample of time to explore around and to find the inspiration when the right moment comes for me to take the necessary action. And I usually find it a lot easier for me to express the feeling that I have before putting them into the artwork.

 As a conclusion, my goal in fine art approach is to use photography as a medium to create beautiful nature landscape scenery. I would like to describe it as, “Finding Art In Nature”. My style in doing so is through the integration of using high quality, museum standard material to share and to exhibition the final artwork. As a matter of fact, presenting and displaying of artwork is a form of art in itself.

10 thoughts on “Artist

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jeff. I’m sure you’ll like it here in China. Its a great country. Though this is my seventh year now, but there’s still lots of places I haven’t visited. More to explore…

    1. Dear Maria, thank you for your kind compliment. I’m glad that you enjoy the pictures and blog. Hope these can be an inspiration to you, cheers!

  1. Dear Paul Chong,

    I am a gallery assistant at Agora Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in New York. Can I send you some information about our
    gallery and promotional services that you might be interested in?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards,

    Sabrina A. Gilbertson
    Assistant Director / Agora Gallery
    Phone: 212.226.4151 Ext. 201
    Fax: 212.966.4380

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