Artistic Approach To The Golden Gate Bridge



An hour earlier in the evening – with more light, see how much more detail and color of the bridge is being captured. While the later evening sky (image above) shows darker scene but with street light and more dramatic sky.  

One of the exciting ways in photography expression is the creative side of creating new artistic visual approach in image making. With the modern tools of camera, filters and gears, they can offer greater freedom for individual artist to capture the image in their eye’s view. Therefore, let’s make use of these tools.

I have attempted to create these scenes to capture the mood of the cool evening sky. While including some of the rocks in the water to add some punch into the ambience. The attempt does not come ones, but with multiple tried of error and experiment throughout the given hour period. First by exploring and finding the right view, setting up the tripod, camera and waiting.


Close up view of bridge structure and rocks composition

For evening scene, I usually use filters either to darken the sky and also allowing the use of slower shutter speed (which can be up to 30 seconds). This allows the coming wave and water to feel moody. With the images captured in RAW file, I then process with Lightroom and Photoshop for final result.


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