The Golden Gate Bridge

Bridge and Water Beyond

Recently we got a chance to visit San Francisco for a few day. The weather had just been a blessing with sunny and clear blue sky throughout the week. Giving us a pleasant time to explore around the city and its’ surrounding. The Fisherman’s Wharf, Cable Car Museum, Lombard Street, Japan Town and more.

But coming thus far to San Francisco, one of the city’s important landmark shouldn’t  be miss would be the Golden Gate Bridge. So we took a ride after an afternoon walk along the Fisherman’s Wharf, and having the delicious In-N-Out Burger.

Golden Gate Bridge From The Platform

Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge with your own eye and being there is nothing compare to seeing it on the photo online or on magazine. The vast scale of steel structures, heavy stone columns and length of the bridge, would just blow your mind. Standing there by the viewing platform and looking up, just makes you wondering about the kind of knowledge man possess to built such a massive infrastructure.

Nonetheless, it was a trip full of memorable adventure as you take your walk across the bridge and back to see various interesting landscape and view across the city horizon. If you are heading there to San Francisco sometimes, why not pay a visit.

Golden Gate Bridge Night

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