Celebrating the joy and beauty of life through pictures!

Beauty Of Black and White

Black and White Waterfall

“It is light that reveals, light that obscures, light that communicates. It is light I “listen” to. The light late in the day has a distinct quality, as it fades toward the darkness of evening. After sunset there is a gentle leaving of the light, the air begins to still, and a quiet descends. I see magic in the quiet light of dusk. I feel quiet, yet intense energy in the natural elements of our habitat. A sense of magic prevails. A sense of mystery. It is a time for contemplation, for listening – a time for making photographs.” – John Sexton

I have been in photography for so many years. Yet I am still always being intrigued by the timeless, stillness and mystery of black and white photograph. It’s like a captivating art that captures our attention and draws us into the moods of the image. Looking at it, they always seems to invoke a sense of nostalgia. While the closer we look into the details, it just takes us into the mystery of the nature…


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