Silver Snow


Silver Snow 1

This project “Silver Snow” was conceive during one of my trip to the Ae’rshan Mountain in Inner Mongolia. This was another one of my surprise journey, or you could say an unexpected experience, which I encountered during my stay there.

 At First, I was planning on shooting a series of photograph focusing the autumn colour of the golden leaves. Yet, Mother Nature always seems to have their own ways to surprise us. The snow falls unexpectedly early in the morning as I was preparing for the journey. With some discouragement in my heart, yet I still take the chances to go out, hoping that the weather would get better.

 As we drove along the roadway, the snow fall just gets heavier and heavier. But out in the landscape and under the snow, I’ve come to notice that the landscape suddenly started to change as I continue to observe the changing mood of the atmosphere. Something I have never seen and almost magical…

Snow Effect Landscape Photography

Snowy Day In The Open Field

“Swiftly you come, swiftly you go,
On a bright and sunny day, you visit us by surprise.
Like the morning dew,
Your grace falls and adorned the land generously.
You fashioned the earth with masterful art,
And reward your audience with admiration.
For whence the sun rises,
Humbly you would leave.
But with hope and assurance,
You’ll come for another visit.
Giving us, another surprise…”

Fine art photography of misty snow field

Tree and railroad covered in snow

Landscape trees in heavy snow

Heavy snow landscape photograph

– end –


Presenting “The Silver Snow” Photo Folio

Photography Folio Print

Special edition collection of 9 prints in one folio. Handmade, signed and numbered by artist. With torn-edge effect at top and bottom for an artistic presentation style. Each print is titled and beautifully designed. Each folio is release by edition. Can be personalised with a dedication page for personal collection or gift for family and loves one. Learn more or see samples at this link “Silver Snow Folio”.

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