Art Salon Photo Installation

Shanghai Art Salon Photography Installation

Recently I got an opportunity to have some of my photographs exhibited at a local cafeteria. I met one of my friend who owned the store and would like to share my latest work with the public. It was great to be able to catch-up with him again after a long time. He have been a fan and followers of my works for sometimes and it’s a wonderful chance to be able to work together.

Artwork Installation for Exhibition

The process of installation took me a lot of time in preparation before setting up at the site. Starting from the general planning of time schedule for installation, number or artworks to be exhibited, choosing the right size and they all have to be plan accordingly. They have to be measured wall by wall during my first visit. Sketching out a plan and also knowing the fixing of light location. And not forgetting the labels, sign-up form, bio, pricing, hanging material, tools and etc. In addition, making sure that the story line and descriptions are in line as they are hang from one corner to another. So that those who are reading them can follow the story line across the wall.

Photography Exhibition at CafeteriaArt Salon and Juice Bar

This event has been a very exciting experience for me. With a clear vision, and step by step process in planning, it’s actually a very fun thing to do as well. In the future, I’m planning with my friend to have a regular photography talk show or tutorial to share with fans and friends. Let’s hope this will all be going well and I am looking forward to sharing with you new progress and event as time comes. Cheers!

Art Exhibition at Local RestaurantPhotography Exhibition Art Salon Exhibition in ShanghaiArt Exhibition in Pudong Shanghai

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