The Mongolia Dreamy Landscape – Part 2

Here is the continuous series of the dreamy landscape that I have created back in Inner Mongolia. The Aershan National Park is located right above the volcanic landform. This provide rich nutrient in the soil, which explain why the area is covered with healthy vegetation and plants. The trees are tall and landform is unique. There are many attractive scenic spots spreading across the National Park. I manage to cover a few of these area during my short stay for the photo shoot.

One think I like about these images is that they resemble the look of impressionism art. Which feels like painting rather than photograph, and this is also why I am attracted to the texture and colour in detail.

Mongolia Autumn Landscape
02Yellow Trees

Autumn Season Forest TreesAutumn Scenery Landscape Fine Art Photography

2 thoughts on “The Mongolia Dreamy Landscape – Part 2

    1. Dear Dr. Rohith. Greetings and thank you very much for your comments. Glad that you like them. Feel free to drop by for a visit in the future. I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks. Cheers!

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