The Mongolia Dreamy Landscape – Part 1

I had an opportunity to visit the land of Inner Mongolia this autumn. It was the times of the year where beautiful landscape can be seen painted in yellow color. The flight took me a total of about 5 hours from the city of Shanghai to Aershan National Park. This has been an exciting trip that I had been looking forward to since the past few weeks. But finally, the day has come to create ART in the outdoor!

The land of Mongolia is just truly magnificent. The air is fresh and the land is just welcoming. The local are very friendly and they live a very simple life. Mostly farmer and shepherds of sheep and cow. Since the land is open, I could just take my time to explore around the village and hills nearby.

In this series of photographs below, my idea is to create a dream-like feeling atmosphere of the autumn scenery. Capturing the light and celebrating the uniqueness of the golden setting. I hope you will be inspired by the images below, feel free to drop a few words about how you feel. Enjoy!

Aershan National Park, Inner Mongolia

Arxan Inner Mongolia Landscape Photography

Beautiful Woods and Forest Landscape

Lakeview Autumn Landscape Scenery

Dreamy Forest Trees In Autumn

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