The Great Canvas – The Painted Sky

“A canvas as wide as the sky, as far as the horizon converge”

Velvet Horizon, evening photography

Imagine the largest canvas you have ever seen, right in front of your eyes. What would you do to it? What sort of painting you are going to do? On this particular project, I was thrilled and amazed by just observing what the nature got to offer. This project was conceived during my 4 days stay on a peaceful beach call ‘Pangkor Island’ in Malaysia. The name can also mean ‘beautiful island’ which in itself is beautiful indeed.

Seating among the rocks, I was in fact marveled by the evening sky, where you will never find the same sky on any given day. I would be there every evening to observe the changing mood of the atmosphere, but it’s just mind blowing because you’ll never know what color, cloud and effect is going to show up. All I could do is just lie down, wait, and see what’s coming. Is like God, the master artist who comes with a big brush in His hand, pouring out His idea to create beauty and wonders to surprise us.

Evening Dew, sunset scenery

beautiful seaside fine art photography

evening sun with peaceful ocean

Great blue sky and wide ocean

The sky, liken to a wide spread of canvas,

awaiting for the Master Artist to come.

He gazed over the horizon with enthusiasm,

far and beyond,

to the north to the south,

to the east and to the west,


What would be the masterpiece today?

Over the color palette,

He says to Himself;

“Hmm… there’s blue, purple and red,

also orange, yellow and pink,

Which will be the choice of the day?”

Evening sunset landscape photography

The Painted Sky, landscape fine art photography

Presenting the Photo Folio Prints

I am also please to share with you the release of my new folio collection for this project. This folio consist of 15 beautifully printed photographs. Handmade by myself, it is made to a size of 8×10.5 inch with each print given a title description. This folio also comes with a title page, introduction, print list and colophon. To see more sample of this folio, please visit the link here or click on the image below.

The Painted Sky, Photo Folio

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