End of The Day

The End of Day

After a long evening day of shooting and exploring around the island for a good spot, I came to this scene in which the fishermen are just starting to heading home from their day’s work. The night is just getting dark after the sunset, people are leaving home from the beach and the atmosphere start to get quieter. I too am ready to pack my gear and start my journey back to my hotel. I decided to take a last shot of this scene, concluding the journey of this day. It was a happy moment, full of memory and feeling of hope for what is to come tomorrow.  There’s a sense of fruitfulness that we all wanting to feel from a day of hard work. I think is one thing that we all can look upon and reflect each day, to celebrate the achievement wether is easy or challenging.

I hope that this image may inspire your everyday life. And wish that your day may be filled with colour and sweet memory. God bless and have a nice day!

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