The Painted Sky – Sunset Photograph

Evening Sunset Photography


On one of my latest visit to the seaside of Pangkor Island, Malaysia. I came across this beautiful coastal area surrounded by various rocks of different size. They resemble shape and form of interesting layout that I have decided to take the opportunity to spend a few day just to explore around.

On this particular evening, the sky is just clear which opens up to an amazing sunset view. I took many shots of the sunset, but nothing is as breathtaking as the final moment immediately after the sun gets down. This is the last scene or light before it gets dark, also in which I only have less than 3 minutes of time to capture it. I manage to take a total of about 5 shots, before the colour disappear.

It was truly rewarding and inspiring to experience this beauty with the combination of the evening colours. As a result, I have decided to give this artwork the name “The Painted Sky”, a God given masterpiece. I hope this picture will inspire you the way I experience it. May you have a wonderful day, enjoy!

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