The Living Water

The aspiration of creating this project “Living Water” is to communicate the appealing motion and gesture of moving water in the nature world. Set in the beautiful rain forest country of Malaysia, I have chosen the Kanching Waterfall as the location to shoot these photographs. They represent some of the finest artwork that I have dedicated to capture the awe powerful force and moment found in Mother Nature.

“Water” is also one of the life source needed for all living creation. For without it, we know that nothing can flourish and survive on this earth. Hence, with the presence of water will all living things be able to live. Thus this is also one of the reason that this project has been called “Living Water”. It is a metaphor to express both moving creation and the life itself.

Black and white photography of nature waterfall

There’s a saying by Andri Cauldwell – “To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.” With the absent of color and its distraction, my goal is that these photograph will merely emphasize on the core and soul of the substance itself. Which is the “Water”.

Breathtaking landscape waterfall fine art photograph

Amazing nature waterfall landscape photography

“There is an Art,

only can be found in nature.

Painted by the sun, they arrayed in beauty and glory.

It hides among the wild, meandering through the mountains,

and finding it’s way to the valley beyond.

“It is an unspoken beauty”. Some say;

But I tell you; it’s awe majestic and powerful!

They come swiftly,

but travelled from a far.

They started with little,

but falls like a mighty rain.

They twirl, they swirl, they twist,

along the cracks, the edges, and the rocks.

They smite, they punch, they beat,

through curve, and bend among the ravines.

They come with ease and flow like silk.

For it is an unending journey,

a long journey,

 into the East.”

Water scenery fine art photographs

Beautiful forest scenery of waterfall effect, photography

Presenting the Art Folio Prints

I am also please to share with you the release of my new folio collection for this project. This folio consist of 12 beautifully printed photographs on fine art paper. Handmade by myself, it is made to a size of 8×10.5 inch with each print given a title description. This folio also comes with a title page, introduction, print list and colophon. Any order of our first 3 folio are also entitled for a free shipping worldwide. To see more sample of this folio, please visit the link here or click on the image below.

Living Water, Art Folio Photograph Print Collection

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