A Trip To The Art Fair

Today, I’ve got the opportunity to visit the Shanghai Art Fair which is currently the 17th edition that is on going in China. The event showcases many national and international artist all across the globe. Some even includes original artwork and painting by famous artist such as  Picasso, Dali, Monet and Rembrandt. And lots of other magnificent arts. I was amazed at the numbers of people who turns up during the event and the size of the exhibition hall is just enormous. Covering more than 1000 art galleries representatives, organisations and agencies from over 50 countries.

The experience while I was entering the hall felt like a paradise for many art lover. You can just explore the endless realm of arts from one end to the other and they seemed endless. Each booth is dedicated to showcase different type of art and not only that, you can also meet the artist in person who are always ready to welcome you standing by the booth entrace. Accompanied with their great smile and good looking outfit. The whole exhibition centre cover a 3 full floors of exhibits. All brightly lighted  in white lighting and wall to showing off the colours of the painting.

The artworks come in various sizes from big to small. Paintings of different kind such as oil, watercolour, porcelain and prints. Some also featured art in 3D for sculpture and wood carving artists. I was glad to be there not just for the sake of personal enjoyment, but somehow, seeing these work of other always bring forth an inspiration in me to create more art and be creative. It is a celebration of many achievement, history and journey by many artist. It opens up a new ways of visualising the world and perception.

Shanghai Art Fair 01Shanghai Art Fair 02Shanghai Art Fair 04Shanghai Art Fair 05Shanghai Art Fair 06Shanghai Art Fair 07Shanghai Art Fair 08Shanghai Art Fair 09Shanghai Art Fair 10Shanghai Art Fair 11Shanghai Art Fair 12

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