Dover In Minimalism

In June of year 2013, one of our last destinations in UK was at a beautiful coastal city called “Dover”. We arrived at our hotel facing over the peaceful shore of open blue skies over the water. This was after a long and tiresome journey of travelling from city to city in the pass two weeks. We had anticipated and decided that our last stop should be a pleasant and relaxing break by the seaside before heading back to London city.

The way in life of Dover Coast is a lot slower compared to the time when we started our journey. The atmosphere is calm and the locals are friendly. In the daytime, we could feel the gentle breeze of the wind blowing over our face while the sound of many lovely white seagulls can be heard hovering over us. The skies are just fascinatedly pure blue and reflecting over the open ocean like a huge mirror. As we sat along the bench, we could hear the gentle sound of the coming tide beating over the shore. The ambience is just soothing and brings comfort to the heart. Tiny little boats can be seen sailing across the distance horizon as people sun bathed along the shore nearby.

Minimalism Fine Art Photograph

Coastal Land Minimalism Artworks

Seaside Water Landscape Minimalism Photography

“Blue, always the color of virtue.

It is foremost pure, and pleasing to the eyes.

It’s like one facing the mirror in stillness,

reflecting the true quality of an inner soul.

It takes you to the memories of sweet pastime,

and forget the bitterness of hardship and toils.

It is an inspiration of hope and life,

like food that nourishes the soul.

For the beauty that lies beneath,

she awaits the wise who will finds it.

Hence, it is life that’s worth to be cared,

For wherein stillness and quietness there it’s found.”


Paul Chong

Flower and Calm Seaside Nature Photography

Sky and Water Landscape Minimalism Photography Collection

Beautiful Beachside Fine Art Photography In Minimalism Movement

Land and Ocean Minimalism Photograph

NEW! Art Folio Collection:

Introducing to my new folio project that I have developed over the pass few months. Now available in print with a beautifully handmade and designed artwork for your collection. This folio comes with a clean, white minimal and a stylish presentation. To learn more about this folio, please check out the link here or click on the image below.

01 Folio Design

Photo Folio Fine Art Collection



Paul Chong is a Malaysia born landscape fine art photographer and currently base in Shanghai. He is dedicated to capture the beauty of nature scenery in which he also creates colorful photograph for sale in various format and sizes, featuring museum archival quality fine print. Some of his work can be seen published in magazine, website, event brochure and flyer. He owned a collection of magnificent artwork which can be seen by visiting his online gallery at

Copyright © All Rights Reserved By Paul Chong Photography

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