Celebrating the joy and beauty of life through pictures!

Along The Coast

These are some collections of scenic photograph that I have taken along the seaside during my photo shooting adventure. They all captured the moment and atmosphere of standing along the waterside while appreciating the grandeur of the waterscape. Whether it’s in the morning or late evening, I always find it inspiring even just by taking a leisure walk along the shore. It gives me opportunities to meditate and reflect over the seasons of my life. While allowing myself to be recharged and be refresh. Watching the sunrise or sunset, can also be uplifting.

I hope that these photographs below can be a source of inspiration to you. If you have the time, pay a visit to a seaside located near you and take the time to relax, enjoy and have fun!

Holyhead CliffForth BridgeMorning SunriseLugu LakesideEvening White CliffWaterside RocksMorning Lakeside SunriseUK Fine Art Photography


Print Of The Month Collection  

The new selected photograph for this month is now available to be viewed here. Please feel free to check it out. To understand more about our print of the month offer, you can visit the site here or by clicking the image below.

Print Of The Month


Paul Chong is a Malaysia born landscape fine art photographer and artist base in Shanghai. He is dedicated to capture the beauty of nature scenery in which he also creates colorful photograph for sale in various format and sizes, featuring museum archival quality fine print. Some of his work can be seen published in magazine, website, event brochure and flyer. He owned a collection of magnificent artwork which can be seen by visiting his online gallery at www.paulchong.photoshelter.com

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