In Preparation For Upcoming Exhibition

I am very excited to share with you of my coming solo exhibition next month starting from 5th Sept – 8th Oct, 2013. This will be my very first photo exhibition that will be held here in Shanghai city. For the past few weeks, it had been a busy schedule and time of preparation for this event. A lot of arrangement and planning had been done to make sure that the exhibition goes smoothly. From selecting the right photograph, printing and framing, promo, writing my bio, artist statement and etc. Even in deciding the date can be challenging especially with other artist lining up to fit in the free time slot. The showroom only show the works of one artist at a time every single month. In spite of busyness, personally this have been an exciting time for me to learn and also to explore the different aspect of working with local art curator.

The theme for this exhibition is titled as ‘Journey In The Woods’. In this exhibition, I hope to share the wonderful experience of journeying into the natural world, especially the woods. Partly, this had been a great influential from my childhood when growing up by the countryside with my home surrounded by trees of forest and stream of waters. This was the time before I moved to the big city.  Now looking back, the journey had been full of adventurous memories!

This exhibition is open to public and to anyone who is interested to see photographic artworks. If you happened to be in Shanghai during this time, feel free to drop by for a visit. You can also let me know via email to let me know when you are coming and I can personally come and show you around. I will be doing a formal announcement in two weeks time through this site with more information about the time, date and location. So, stay tune or sign-up to received our news update. Special discount will also be available during this period.

Finally, I wish you all have a wonderful week!

Below are some photograph of the exhibition hall. The interior of the space looks modern and feature some of the works by various artist every month.

Shanghai Photography Exhibition, September 2013, China

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