Finding Art In Nature: Part 3

My Pastureland

Art With Emotion

In fine art photography, one important aspect in creating art is having the ability to express art that possesses an element of emotional response. It is about the kind of atmosphere that you wanted to express in the photograph, the kind of feelings and mood that you felt when you are at the scene. These are the elements that you would want to show on each photograph. You have been there, you were inspired, you are excited about the subject and now you want to record these feeling and aspiration into the photograph.

In order to achieve this result, one would need to know the various skill and knowledge to do so. Without these elements, a photograph is just another photograph. An audience should be able to relate emotionally with your photograph. It is not just about creating a technical perfect photograph. Rather than seeing technical as the main element to create a successful artwork, now the technical skills become our secondary tool that helps us to create the images that we wanted.

I create fine art photograph to represent my personal view of the emotion that I had during my shoot in the nature landscape. And this is also one of my goal to share these experiences that I had out there to my audience. All my artwork are covered with assurance and warranty that carries the quality of my personal vision and style.  Below I have listed some of the elements that have helped me in creating art through my pass experience in photography.

1. Confident and courage 

You see, because art is personal, it demands that you show forth your personality in your artistic creation. It is about your art when you wanted to create something new, not a copy of art from someone else. That is their art! Since it is personal, you are indirectly exhibiting yourself to your audience through your photograph. And therefore, sometimes your artwork may subject to critics and feedbacks which many photographer try to avoid. Thus, you need to build up your confidence while developing a positive mindset when doing what you love.

2. Personal expression and reflection

For me, spending quality time in reflection is fundamental because this allows me to take the necessary time to express and to visualise the kind of landscape images that I wanted. It always helps me to prioritize that I am out there to create works of art. Not just snapping as many photos as possible and hope for the best. And that requires a lot of discipline and patience.

3. Finding the right color template

One of the more direct and simple way to bring emotional feelings into your nature photograph is to choose the right color template. Whether it’s a warm color or cool color, they all carries certain quality that would affect the overall mood and ambience of a particular scene.

4. Know your composition  

Composition can be very abstract when coming to individual preference. Texture, angle, subject and arrangement of the view finder. If it is well established, it can easily attracts your audience’s eyes to the subject that you are photographing.

5. More than just about photography

Sometimes my inspiration comes not just from seeing beautiful landscape scenery. It started when I am writing a song, story or poet. In the process of developing these writing, vision and imagination starts to evolve around in my head. With that, I would then start to seek out a scene that could resemble the vision I  saw on my mind and records them with my camera.


Bringing all this together, putting them on the final print is non easy process. But when you are able to do that, you are then successfully in creating an expressive and impactful artwork. An artwork that could inspire others wanting to do the same. This is the result of an artwork created with emotional feeling by which your audience can relate and engage with.

With that, this concluded my 3 parts essay writing on “finding art in nature”. I’ll be writing more essay in the coming future, you can subscribe to this blog to receive more updates through email.

Paul Chong is a landscape fine art photographer base in Shanghai, China. He is dedicated to capture the beauty of nature scenery in which he also creates colorful fine art photograph for sale in various format and sizes, featuring museum archival quality fine print. Some of his work can be seen published in magazine, website, event brochure and flyer. He owned a collection of magnificent artwork which can be seen by visiting his online gallery at
Copyright © 2013, Paul Chong Photography, All rights reserved. 
China Contact: +86 1376 4064 081 (GMT +8 hours)

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