Street and Urban Photography of The Bund, Shanghai

The other day I was taking a walk along The Bund (Huangpu River, Shanghai) to try out my new Nikon D600 to check out the overall performance. It was a beautiful day and the sky was sunny. So it is a good chance to walk around the street with my camera. I manage to get a couple of nice shot and the dynamic range of the camera is great. Below is some of the shots that I’ve taken from the photo walk.

About The Bund:- Located at the central of Shanghai City, it is a waterfront surrounded by former Shanghai International Settlement that runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River. Many of these buildings are historical with numerous banks and trading houses. These buildings have been preserve even today and has become one of the most attractive tourist destination in the city. Initially, this was a British settlement which was later combined with the American settlements to become an International Settlement.

The Bund covered about a total of one mile along the bank of the river which started from Yan’an Road and ends at the Waibaidu Bridge. One of the earliest steel bridge that crosses Suzhou Creek which have been well-preserved. Throughout the year, The Bund have brought significant influences to the city and served as a destination for various function and event. Such as New Year’s Eve gathering for firework show, independence day and other celebration. Viewing across the river, one would be able to see the whole stretch of the new Pudong area surrounded by skyscraper with some of the tallest modern building. It’s a must visit destination for everyone who wish to come to Shanghai.

Oldest Historical Steel Bridge of Shanghai, Huangpu River

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Paul Chong is a landscape fine art photographer base in Shanghai, China. He is dedicated to capture the beauty of nature scenery in which he also creates colorful fine art photograph for sale in various format and sizes, featuring museum archival quality fine print. Some of his work can be seen published in various magazine, website, event brochure and flyer.

He owned a collection of magnificent artwork which can be seen by visiting his online gallery at

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