Shanghai Century Park

            Century Park considered to be the largest ecological city park in Shanghai, China. Covering 140 hectares of land with various scenic areas such as; evergreen trees, undulating hills, tranquil lake, meandering stream, pastoral area, bird protection area, beach area, and crisscrossing footpaths. It is great place to take a walk and to be surrounded by natures of woods, flowers, birds and to journey into a peaceful and relaxation time.

Morning Forest Light

Morning sunlight breaking through the deep forest floor.

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            The park provides a great place for family outdoor leisure and recreation activities. The park is equipped with twelve participation amusement area such as sightseeing bus, pleasure boat ride, leisure bicycle, fishing, children play area, open lawn for kite flying and etc. It is an ideal outdoor place for entertainment and relaxation for family, friends and get together. It is a great place for a walk in the wood, jogging within the nature, camping, picnic and exploration.

The urban park is sometime referred as “Park Of The Holidays” a great place for fun and interaction. The park provides a friendly escape from the busy city life in Shanghai, with cleaner air, greenery, fresh and spacious outdoor spaces.

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